Cancer. It’s just nature’s way of telling you to slow down.


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  1. Frank Jordan says:

    Well fuck my old boots, cancer eh? Bit of a conversation killer there Linds. And here’s me on a week long sickie from work with a poorly tummy!
    Nice to see I’m reading the same Reacher rubbish as you. Makes me feel we are as one. You with terminal cancer and me with a rather sore bottom.
    Whose the BGB now?
    Love Frank xx

  2. says:

    It’s really hard to hit these keys, that’s why I’ve been reading everything and yet avoiding the natural thing to do.
    Reply to an old dear mate, far away and not too spiffing.
    Why does it take illness or tragedy to make us keep in touch with the real people who’ve touched us?
    Lindsay, I remember well coming to you and Lawrence’s flat up near The Meadows and thinking, just by looking at the magic table full of ephemera, these guys are pretty sound.
    You pair were a breath of fresh air bringing a touch of daring and madness to the top floor. Account wallahs were scared to make it up those last few steps in fear of what they might be sent out to “sell”.
    And rightly so.
    You and Neil Macmillan were both responsible for bringing The Big Mac into my life, years before others caught up, and were still licking and sticking.
    I’ve still got my first grey plastic PowerBook 170. And it still works.
    I’m still chugging along working with Will.
    I couldn’t just stop.
    In fact after a bout of heavy depression about 4 years ago I forced myself to go out every day and take at least one decent photograph.
    That’s when I started on Flickr.
    I’m not as regular posting now, I think because I’m much harder on myself to commit something to the site.
    I love how you’ve bravely taken to illustrate the blog. Truth an fun mixed together.
    I’ll keep reading. You keep entertaining us.
    Love from Scotland.
    PS. There’s a new Tom Waits Album just out called “Bad as me.”

  3. Well done, Jim. You’ll be pleased to know that the ‘magic table full of ephemera’ is still, 30 years later, right here in my office as you told me it would be! Laurence

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