February, 2012

Heroes: No#1. Charles Babbage

No.1 of an Occasional Series Anyone with even a scrap of imagination or ambition has heroes. Individuals who’s lives and deeds have influenced, informed or inspired our own. The nature and calling of our heroes has changed over the years – a century ago, they were military figures and explorers, Nelson, Clive of India, Shackleton, […]


Last Tuesday I had my regular assessment meeting at the Cancer Unit prior to starting my fifth cycle of chemo. It’s become quite routine now. We pitch up at the reception desk where the relentlessly cheerful Mrs. Buckwheat checks me off on her list and hands me a clipboard with a Biro attached by a […]

Of Islands and Granfalloons

  Now that I come to think about it. It was inevitable that I would wind up living on an island. Not necessarily this island. But some island. I was born by the sea in the West-Country of England, and apart from my student years in London, I have never lived more than a stones […]

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