December, 2011

Take a Cup of Kindnes Yet

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, so I am writing more to alleviate a nagging sence of guilt and obligation, rather than because I have anything particularly pressing to say. So, this is an un-rehearsed stream-of-consciousness ramble which may or may not lead anywhere interesting or useful. You have been warned. If […]

C is also for Christmas

It’s Christmas Evre. I got the results from my CT scan on Monday. Acording my oncologist, my primary tumour is visibly smaler after two cycles of chemo. Merry Christmas everyone.

Pumping Iron

Well here I am, reporting live again from the Acute Oncology Dept. of picturesque Auckland Hospital. It’s coming up for 12.30 pm and I’m four hours into my iron infusion. I’m here to tell you it’s really not the most thrilling of procedures, but for the sake of accurate and complete reporting, I’ll give you […]

Another fly in the ointment

I’m grumpy today. And frustrated. Right now I should be sitting in my favorite big green viynal lay’z’boy in the corner of the oncology day-stay center being pumped full of vicious, cancer killing chemicals. Instead I’m cooling my heals here at home on a humid, windy, overcast Wednesday afternoon. I’ve been bumped for another week. […]

Where there’s a will

I Lindsey Peter Redding, being of sound mind and body… Hmmm. A sound mind? Well that’s debateable, and as far a sound body, well hardly. Right now my body is about as sound as a 1972 Trabant. Today we made our wills. It wouldn’t have been my first choice of diversion for a sunny December […]

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