August, 2011

You too could have a body like mine!

It’s strange, this cancer business. I look and feel absolutely fine. In fact the next person who says I’ve never looked better is going to get a thick ear. But there’s no denying it. I do look pretty good. Even if I say so myself. When I came out of hospital after The Britomart Incident, […]

The Brittomart Incident

This is how the knitting began to unravel. I was on my way home from the studio, on a Thursday evening about three weeks ago. I wasn’t feeling great, but that wasn’t remarkable. We’d been pushing ourselves pretty hard for a few weeks on a big animation project for an Australian client. We’d been doing […]

The sleeper cell

Every morning we go out for a long walk, my cancer and I. Like most new relationships it gets a little awkward sometimes. It’s still early days, and were just getting to know each other. There are still long, uncomfortable silences. It’s so hard to know how to feel about my new companion. And I […]

The English Patient

I’ve heard tell of people who have recently had a near-death experience, or find themselves living on borrowed time, reporting a sort of dialed-up or enhanced perception of reality. It’s variously described as like living life in Technicolor, or a sort of super high definition, hi-fidelity, surround-sound version of your old plain vanilla reality, where […]

The deafening silence

I was reflecting this morning, on my daily constitutional along Oneroa Beach, about how simple my life has suddenly become since it is no longer completely monopolised by the demands of work. Since graduating in 1981, I have been – I think – in constant employment for thirty years. With the exception of a brief […]

Que Sera Sera

There is a blissful few seconds when I wake up in the morning. I feel fine, warm. Everything is right with the world. The sun is coming inn through the blinds and the birds are chattering and squabbling on the deck outside.Then it all comes tumbling in on me like an avalanche.Everything’s not all right. […]

You can’t unring a bell

So they sent me o have a CT scan to see if my cancer is localised in the esophagus or if it has started to spread. That was Tuesday. Then we were summoned back to see the good professor for the results of the scan. Jo, Becca and I made the trip over to the […]

Yesterday I didn’t have cancer

Yesterday I didn’t have cancer. Today I have cancer II know that’s not really how it is. But that is how it seems. How long have I been walking around with it without knowing? A few weeks? a year? I have no idea. But what you don’t know can’t hurt you can it? If it […]

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